Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need AuctionGenius?
A: AuctionGenius can save you hours of auction prep by displaying all the sources of your decision-making information on one screen. You don't have to open up multiple browser tabs and cut and paste VINs or repeadedly enter the specs on a vehicle. All of this information is automatically populated into your preferred sources with one click. Can you imagine the time savings? We can, we have, and so have our customers (view Testminonials).
Q: What auctions does AuctionGenius support?
A: AuctionGenius integrates with all major online auctions, including
  • Manheim - Simulcast, Simulcast Everywhere
  • Manheim Dealer 2 Dealer
  • ADESA - LiveBlock & DealerBlock
  • SmartAuction
  • Columbus Fair Auto Auction
For a complete list, please see our Partner Auctions page.
Q: Can I purchase vehicles while using AuctionGenius, or is it just for research?
A: Yes, you can purchase vehicles by using Manheim, ADESA or SmartAuction like you normally would, alongside of the information that allows you to make better buying decisions.
Q: What kinds of information does AuctionGenius provide? Do you have NADA and Kelley Blue Book?
A: Yes. We provide NADA, Kelley Blue Book, Black Book and GALVES book values plus CARFAX, AutoCheck and many more.
Q: I don't buy cars at auction; I mainly appraise trade-ins. How can AuctionGenius help me?
A: We have a feature that allows you to enter the VIN and mileage and all of the information you need will automatically populate on your screen.
Q: Can I participate in more than one auction at a time?
A: Yes, you sure can. You can attend multiple auctions, multiple lanes in one auction, and even Manheim, ADESA and SmartAuction sales at the same time.
Q: I physically attend the auctions each week. I love all of the information that AuctionGenius provides, but how can I take it with me?
A: AuctionGenius mobile is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Learn more about AuctionGenius mobile
Q: I only like to use certain sources to evaluate vehicles. Can I just have those on my screen instead of all the ones I see?
A: Yes. AuctionGenius is fully customizable to include as many or as few sources as you'd like.
Q: Does AuctionGenius work with the Workbook or have a watch function?
A: Yes. AuctionGenius provides alerts based on both your watch list and your Workbook.
Q: There are some features I'd like to request. How can I do that?
A: You can let us know by phone (888) 526-9346, email:, from the "create a request" button in the Support section of this site, or through our Feedback form. We like to hear what our customers would like and find useful.
Q: I don't like being obligated to a contract. Does AuctionGenius require one?
A: We don't. We like to earn your business month to month.
Q: I've been using AuctionGenius for a few weeks and I notice there are features there that I don't know how to use. What kind of support or training do you offer?
A: We strongly encourage our customers to spend time with one of our trainers upon registration, and then again a few weeks later, in order to fully utilize our software. Support and training is available Monday-Friday, 6 am to 6 pm Mountain Time (8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time), at (888) 526-9346. Don't hesitate to call. We're friendly.
Q: Can I change my plan later on?
A: Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Your subscription will be pro-rated, but there are no additional charges.

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