Data Partners

We developed AuctionGenius to allow you to view whatever information you want to see, wherever you want to see it, on one screen, for every vehicle you wish to evaluate, wherever you want to buy. With that in mind, we have established deep integration with several major auctions and will continue to establish new auction relationships as quickly as possible to provide you with as many acquisition channels as possible.

In addition to providing integration with Manheim auctions, AuctionGenius also makes it easier than ever to see Manheim Market Report (MMR) and vehicle condition reports. With AuctionGenius, you can automatically see MMR and condition reports for every vehicle that runs across the block. We provide MMR Averages which you can use to value a vehicle quickly and full MMR, including historical transactions and regional adjustments, for when you want to perform a more in-depth analysis.
In addition to providing integration with ADESA auctions, AuctionGenius also makes it easier than ever to see the ADESA Market Guide and ADESA condition reports. With AuctionGenius, you can set detailed parameters for comparable values in the ADESA Market Guide, and then automatically see values for every vehicle that rolls across the block in LiveBlock, or each vehicle you evaluate in DealerBlock.
See a vAuto Provision Report Card on each vehicle that you analyze in AuctionGenius. Existing vAuto Provision users can quickly see each vehicles' report card, including grades, market days supply and other critical vAuto data elements.
Leverage your CARFAX subscription and easily know what is on the CARFAX vehicle history report before you make your first bid. With AuctionGenius, you can now automatically see a CARFAX Vehicle History Report or CARFAX Auction Quick Check for every vehicle you are viewing at auction. In addition, you can place key pieces of CARFAX information on a compact Glance layout, such as CARFAX accident count or number of owners. Sign-up or upgrade to a CARFAX Unlimited account today!
AuctionGenius provides deep integration with AutoCheck. At many of our partner auctions, you can view an AutoCheck summary report free of charge. You can also leverage your AutoCheck subscription and view the complete AutoCheck vehicle history report, including the AutoCheck score. If you are an AutoCheck subscriber, you can place key pieces of the AutoCheck report onto a Glance layout, which will allow you to see the most important data elements in a dashboard style view. Our automated integration means you don't have to juggle multiple windows or copy and paste VINs any longer!
AuctionGenius provides complete integration with Kelley Blue Book, allowing you to see all KBB value types, including Trade-In, Auction, Private Party, Lending and Retail. Our patent-pending automatic trim resolution will save you even more time by selecting the best matching trim level. You can quickly and easily change vehicle options and accessories to see updated values. Like our other book values, you can place your favorite KBB values onto a Glance layout for a quick, compact dashboard view of the vehicle's value.
AuctionGenius provides complete NADA Guide Book values, including all Trade-In, Loan and Retail values. When using AuctionGenius with NADA, you can also see NADA Auction Values, which are derived from an industry leading sample size of auction transactions. Booking a vehicle has never been easier; no more copying VINs and mileage into other windows or applications. Place your favorite NADA values into a compact Glance layout and simply click an NADA value to see the full NADA component, where you can easily change options and see the guide values update immediately.
AuctionGenius provides complete integration with Black Book, where you can automatically book vehicles and see Wholesale, Trade-In and Retail values for all conditions. You can also easily change trim-levels and/or options and see the Black Book values update immediately. Place your favorite Black Book values into a Glance layout, where you can easily spot the current vehicle's value. Looking up Black Book values has never been easier or faster!
AuctionGenius provides a fast, intuitive interface to see Galves values where you need them most. Using the Galves component you can quickly select alternate trims and see how vehicle options affect the value. Additionally, when you have the Galves component installed you can see the Galves Trade-In values and Market Ready values in your Glance layout.