Auction Partners

AuctionGenius has partnered with a number of organizations to provide the best possible online preparation and buying experience for our users. Our goal is simple: we want to provide you with a way to view whatever information you need, wherever you want to see it on your screen, for any vehicle you wish to consider, anywhere you wish to buy. As part of our commitment to our users, we are continually working to establish positive relationships with businesses that provide additional inventory sourcing opportunities or information that may help you to find, evaluate and stock the vehicles you need for your inventory.

AuctionGenius provides extensive integration with Manheim, ensuring that however you source inventory from the leading wholesale provider you are empowered with tools to make you more efficient and effective. AuctionGenius is seamlessly integrated with all aspects of the site, including PowerSearch, Workbook, Pre-Sale Run Lists, Simulcast, Simulcast Remote Seller and Simulcast Everywhere.
Easily view all of the decision support information critical to your success while shopping on No matter where you go on, AuctionGenius will be able to provide you book values, vehicle history details, and more.
AuctionGenius is tightly integrated into ADESA allowing wholesale buyer to see the critical decision support they need when preparing for or participating in ADESA live or online sales. AuctionGenius integration includes, DealerBlock, and live sale integration with LiveBlock.
The AuctionGenius integration with Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) allows you to quickly evaluate vehicles on CFAA. The integration provides our powerful tools at both pre-sale run lists and live sales utilizing CFAA simulcast online. CFAA is located in Columbus, Ohio and hosts 11 lanes, plus live internet bidding at their simulcast online sales.
The AuctionGenius integration with Whann Technology Group enables wholesale buyers to be more effective and efficient sourcing inventory from independent wholesale auctions. Our integration provides our powerful tools at both pre-sale run lists and live sales utilizing WTG Simulcast.
The AuctionGenius integration with Auction Edge allows wholesale buyers to efficiently source inventory from independent auctions across the country. AuctionGenius users can quickly analyze inventory on the popular EDGE Pipeline portal site which aggregates run lists from over 100 independent auctions. In addition, our real-time integration with EDGE Simulcast allows you to bring all of the power of AuctionGenius right to the lanes.
The AuctionGenius integration with SmartAuction allows you to quickly evaluate vehicles on SmartAuction. You can now quickly analyze pages of vehicles on SmartAuction with all of the information you need to see to make a bid or no-bid decision at your fingertips.