The Ultimate Heads Up Display for Online Auto Auctions

AuctionGenius - Get The "Right" Used Cars in Less Time

AuctionGenius makes it easier for dealers to acquire the used vehicles you need from wholesale auctions.

With AuctionGenius you can:

Evaluate more vehicles. The AuctionGenius platform links with the leading auctions in the U.S., providing easy access to run lists to help dealers cast a wider net to acquire more cars.

Research cars faster. As you click on a vehicle slated to run at auction, the AuctionGenius technology serves up all the vehicle condition, history and book value reports you use in a single, efficiency-focused, easy-to-use display. If you spend 5 or even 10 minutes today to evaluate a vehicle for purchase at auction, Auction Genius lets you do the same work in less than 30 seconds.

Buy smarter. Whether you prefer physical or online auctions, AuctionGenius arms you with the vehicle-specific knowledge you need to purchase more cars with greater confidence.

Buy more efficiently. AuctionGenius' integration with leading online auctions allows dealers to effectively participate in multiple lanes and even multiple auctions at the same time. Our single-screen system alerts you when your cars hit the block, freeing up waiting time for other tasks.

Increase your competitive edge with a better, faster and more efficient way to buy used vehicles.

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